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Benefits Termotherapy / Cryotherapy

Thermotherapy and cryotherapy are ancestral methods of fighting pain whose effects are no longer to be demonstrated. They can relieve a large number of pathologies without medication.
  • Thermotherapy
    70% of the French population regularly suffers from muscle pain. Heat has been used since the dawn of time to heal muscles and very effectively. It has analgesic properties, creates vasodilation of blood vessels, and acts on pain control mechanisms as well as on blood circulation. The diffusion of heat helps to promote relaxation of tissues and muscles. It is used to relieve mechanical joint pain such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs, muscle contractures when resuming activity or during the recovery phase in athletes. menstruation, headache, digestive troubles, relaxation.
  • Cryotherapy
In general, we can say that these gentle and natural methods of care have effects that are felt quickly and can in certain cases make it possible to avoid medication and their sometimes disastrous side effects on health in the case of prolonged intake (depending on pathologies and on medical advice). The comfort provided can influence the moral state in the case of chronic pathologies (argodistrophy, fibromyalgia, etc.) facilitating the management of these.